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The best 2015 album cover contest entitled “30/30”

The Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” is pleased to announce the second edition of the best album cover contest entitled “30/30”. The contest is addressed to graphic artists who created designs which were subsequently utilized as album covers of records (compact discs, vinyl records etc.) released in 2015 and by February 29, 2016.

The winner of the contest will be awarded with the grand prize amounting to a minimum of 5,000 PLN and a certificate of recognition. If the artistic level of submitted works is exceptionally high, the organizers will award additional prizes.

The best entries will be presented on a follow-up exhibition which will take place in the Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” in Poznań between April 21, 2016 and May 24, 2016. Just like in the first edition of the contest they will be selected by an independent jury composed of representatives of the music industry and graphic artists. The jury will be headed by Mr Rosław Szaybo – one of the most renowned album cover designers.

Entries may be submitted both by graphic artists and representatives of the music industry (editorial boards of magazines and online portals, media partners and media sponsors of the contest, record labels, music distributors etc.) between January 4, 2016 and February 29, 2016 via e-mail to 3030@arsenal.art.pl. The rules of the contest are available on the websites of the contest (www.konkurs3030.pl) and of the Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” in Poznań (www.arsenal.art.pl/konkurs-3030). For further information please contact the persons responsible for coordinating the contest – Ms Ewelina Muraszkiewicz (ewelina.muraszkiewicz@arsenal.art.pl, phone number: + 48 509 105 970) and Mr Marcel Skierski (marcel.skierski@arsenal.art.pl, phone number: +48 732 958 320).


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