answers to questions which may (but don’t necessarily have to) arise 😉

  1. Is it possible to submit more than one entry?

Yes, it is. It all depends on who is submitting and on whose behalf. Album cover designs may be submitted by their authors, editorial boards of Polish and foreign music magazines or online music portals, Polish and foreign music distributors, Polish and foreign record labels and media sponsors or media partners of the contest. Editorial boards of magazines and online portals are allowed to submit up to ten entries. If they are at the same time media partners or media sponsors they are allowed to submit five additional entries. Music distributors are allowed to submit up to fifteen entries, whereas record labels can submit up to ten entries. Any other entity which becomes a media sponsor or a media partner of the contest is allowed to submit up to ten entries.

As you can see, it’s worth it to submit entries including album covers which you deem the best. Perhaps some of them will be recognized by the jury.

  1. Does the fact that I like a particular album cover on Facebook matter for the contest results?

We strongly encourage you to “like” the page of the contest as well as presented album cover designs posted on Facebook. This will surely give a lot of pleasure to their authors; nevertheless, it won’t influence the results. The winning entries in the best 2015 album cover contest entitled “30 / 30” are not to be selected by popular vote. Therefore, we rely on the jury which, thanks to the diversity of its members (graphic artists and representatives of the music industry), will be able to judge submitted album covers taking into consideration both the artistic value and the relationship with the music they accompany. The thirty best album covers and the winning entry will be chosen with both of these factors taken into consideration.

As it is stated in the contest rules, media partners and media sponsors of the contest are allowed to introduce their own prizes and awards besides the awards established by the organizer – the Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” in Poznań. Perhaps one of these additional prizes will be the audience award or the most popular album cover in a particular genre.

  1. Are underage entrants allowed to participate in the contest

Of course, you never know how old or young is the artist whose work may fascinate the jury. If you are an underage artist and you want to submit your album cover as an entry to the contest, you should attach a consent of your legal representative (parent or guardian) to your participation in the contest.

  1. Which projects will be displayed on the exhibition?

The exhibition will include thirty (or more, depending on the jury’s decision) best album cover designs selected by the jury from among all entries correctly submitted between January 4 and February 29, 2016. After completing all formalities, the works whose authors will have consented will be displayed on a follow-up exhibition in the Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” in Poznań. The exhibition will be open between April 21 and May 24, 2016. The winner of the contest will be announced during the preview exhibition.

  1. What should I send to whom to make sure that my entry is accepted?

The best 2015 album cover contest entitled “30/30” is organized by the Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” in Poznań. Entries may be submitted by the authors or other entitled entities (music companies, online music portals, editorial boards of music magazines etc.). Only album covers will be evaluated by the jury. In order to submit an entry send the album cover in the form of an image file (minimal resolution – 300 DPI) via e-mail to 3030@arsenal.art.pl. By submitting an entry you agree to the contest rules. Please remember that by making a submission you also give consent to making your basic personal details public on an exhibition, as well as in traditional and electronic media.

If an entrant is also the author of the submitted album cover, it is necessary to include contact details. It will allow the organizer to contact them if their design is selected as one of the thirty best album covers. If an entrant makes a submission on someone’s behalf (e.g. a record label submitting their favourite album covers as entries), they are obliged to include contact details allowing to reach the author. Thanks to this the author will be able to collect the awarded prize.

The image file contained in the entry must be identical to the version which was made public with the album’s release. The Gallery will spare no effort to make the graphic design available for the members of the jury with no indication of the author’s or the entrant’s identity. This resolution does not apply if the published version of an album cover contains data that help identify the author.

Should you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the coordinators of the contest:

Ewelina Muraszkiewicz

e-mail: ewelina.muraszkiewicz@arsenal.art.pl

phone number: +48 509 105 970

Marcel Skierski

e-mail: marcel.skierski@arsenal.art.pl

phone number: + 48 732 958 320


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