Months of visual arts and music in the Municipal Gallery “Arsenał”


The best album cover contest entitled “30 / 30” is not the only event combining visual arts and music that is going to take place in the Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” within the next few months. On 17 April we open an extraordinary exhibition of stereoscopic photographs by Antoni Rut showing concerts in the ’80s. The exhibition presented through the Poznań Fotoplastykon (Kaiserpanorama) includes, among other photographs, pictures taken during the 1984 Iron Maiden gig (after which the band members in search of entertainment decided to play on a wedding in the restaurant “Adria”), the ’87 and ’89 editions of the Metalmania Festival and the Rock Arena Festival in 1985. The photographs also show concerts by Thomas Anders (following the first break-up of Modern Talking) and Kajagoogoo, back then an extremely popular band.

Hanoi Rocks - koncert podczas Rock Arena '85The second significant event is the exhibition of vinyl album covers designed by Rosław Szaybo and Stanisław Zagórski which starts on 8 June. The two outstanding representatives of the so-called Polish School of Posters first met at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the ’50s. In the next decade they both left the Polish People’s Republic and made careers as designers creating covers for the most famous bands and record labels.

In the early ’60s Stanisław Zagórski emigrated to the USA. He worked for advertising agencies, designed posters and book covers. At the same time he was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. In 1964 he began to cooperate with the Atlantic Records and the Columbia Records. Over the next thirty years Zagórski designed covers for albums by the greatest pop stars (Aretha Franklin, Robert Flack, Velvet Underground, Cream, Cher) and jazz stars (Miles Davis, Roland Kirk, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Billy Cobham, Charles Lloyd, Michał Urbański).

Robert Szaybo, born in Poznań, moved to London towards the end of 1966. He got recognition as an author of posters, book covers and album covers when he was still in Poland. He designed posters related to the film industry, social campaigns and entertainment: in 1964 he designed a poster entitled “20 lat cyrku w Polsce” (“20 years of circus in Poland”) which caused panic among the policy-makers of the time when it was printed. The slogan was eventually changed to “20 lat areny polskiej” (“20 years of the Polish arena”). He initiated the famous series entitled “Polish Jazz”. After leaving the country he began to cooperate with record labels. Between 1972 and 1988 he occupied the position of the artistic director at the London-based CBS record label. It was there that he designed album covers for artists such as Judas Priest, The Clash, Chicago, Mott the Hopple, Elton John, Roy Orbison, Carlos Santana, Janis Joplin, Simon & Garfunkel.

The exhibition in “Arsenał” presents 50 album covers designed by both artists. A music journalist Grzegorz Brzozowicz is the curator of the exhibition. The preview will be followed by the screening of the film entitled “Przyjacele na 33 obroty” and a discussion with Rosław Szaybo led by Grzegrz Brzozowicz.

Zagórski & Szaybo

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Z przyjemnością informujemy, że dołączają do nas nowi partnerzy. Tym razem jest to firma fonograficzna DUX, która znana jest wydawania nagrań muzyki klasycznej i poważnej (często w niezwykle nowatorskich wykonaniach). Wszystkim naszym patronom serdecznie dziękujemy za wsparcie i za zainteresowanie konkursem. Bez Was ten konkurs nie rozwijałby się tak dobrze, jak do tej pory i ma realną szansę stać się ważnym, corocznym wydarzeniem integrującym środowisko muzyczne z plastycznym. Tylko razem możemy wygenerować naprawdę dobrą energię!

wydawnictwo muzyczne DUX

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Z dnia na dzień nasz konkurs zyskuje coraz więcej fanów, także tych instytucjonalnych… Do tej pory wspierają nas w działaniach następujący patroni medialni i partnerzy konkursu:

Sześć Strun Świata

Top Guitar



Patronat honorowy Konkursu


Konkurs 30/30 na najlepszą okładkę płytową 2014 roku doceniają też władze Poznania. Z przyjemnością informujemy, że honorowy patronat nad konkursem objął Prezydent Miasta Poznania Jacek Jaśkowiak.

Prezydent Miasta Poznania



The Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” is extremely pleased to announce the first edition of the best 2014 album cover contest entitled “30 / 30”!

We hope that the contest will become a regularly held, yearly event recognized by graphic artists, designers, musicians, the entire music industry, as well as by each listener who appreciates and cares about the increasing artistic level of artwork accompanying music releases.

Our contest is dedicated to graphic artists whose designs illustrated music albums (CDs, vinyl records etc.) released in 2014 and by April 30, 2015.

The author whose design enraptures our demanding and independent jury (including representatives of the music industry and graphic artists, headed by one of the most renowned album cover designers – Mr Rosław Szaybo) will receive the main prize amounting to 5,000 PLN (and a certificate of recognition in the first edition of the contest) while the authors of the remaining thirty best designs will obtain rewards amounting to 300 PLN.

However, that’s not the end. Apart from the money prize and fame, the authors of best entries will be given the opportunity to have their works exposed on a follow-up exhibition in our Gallery (between 5 June and 28 June 2015).
Full of enthusiasm, that we hope will infect you as well, we invite you to participate in the best 2014 album cover contest entitled 30 / 30!


In brief – entries can be submitted by:

  • both graphic artists and representatives of the music industry (editorial boards of music magazines and online music portals, media sponsors and media partners of the contest, record labels, distributors etc.)
  • between March 4, 2015 and April 30, 2015,
  • via e-mail to: 3030@arsenal.art.pl,
  • the contest rules are available on the website of the contest (www.konkurs3030.pl) and on the website of the Municipal Gallery “Arsenał” in Poznań (www.arsenal.art.pl/konkurs-3030). For further information please contact the coordinator of the contest – Mr Georgi Gruew (e-mail: georgi.gruew@arsenal.art.pl; phone number: 502-351-575).


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